CTS (NYSE:CTS) Issues Quarterly Earnings Results

CTS (NYSE:CTS) released its earnings results on Friday. The electronics maker reported $0.16 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, beating the Zacks’ consensus estimate of $0.07 by $0.09, MarketWatch Earnings reports. The business had revenue of $84.20 million for the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $88.93 million. CTS had a return on equity of 10.31% and a net margin of 6.28%. The company’s revenue for the quarter was down 30.2% compared to the same quarter last year. During the same quarter in the previous year, the company posted $0.40 earnings per share.

Shares of NYSE:CTS traded down $0.81 during midday trading on Friday, hitting $19.86. 175,176 shares of the stock were exchanged, compared to its average volume of 137,693. CTS has a 52-week low of $17.92 and a 52-week high of $34.29. The business’s fifty day simple moving average is $19.86 and its two-hundred day simple moving average is $23.41. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.44, a quick ratio of 2.55 and a current ratio of 3.04. The company has a market capitalization of $640.68 million, a PE ratio of 22.83 and a beta of 0.83.

The firm also recently announced a quarterly dividend, which was paid on Friday, July 24th. Stockholders of record on Friday, June 19th were given a $0.04 dividend. The ex-dividend date was Thursday, June 18th. This represents a $0.16 annualized dividend and a dividend yield of 0.81%. CTS’s dividend payout ratio (DPR) is presently 11.03%.

A number of equities analysts have recently weighed in on the company. Zacks Investment Research raised CTS from a “strong sell” rating to a “hold” rating in a report on Wednesday, July 1st. Stephens restated a “hold” rating and set a $25.00 price target on shares of CTS in a research note on Friday, April 24th.

CTS Company Profile

CTS Corporation designs, manufactures, and sells a range of sensors, electronic components, and actuators primarily to original equipment manufacturers for the aerospace and defense, industrial, information technology, medical, telecommunications, and transportation markets. It offers sensors and actuators for use in passenger or consumer vehicles; electronic components for use in telecommunications infrastructure, information technology and other high-speed applications, switches, and potentiometers supplied to various markets; and fabricated piezoelectric materials and substrates used primarily in medical, industrial, aerospace and defense, and information technology markets.

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Earnings History for CTS (NYSE:CTS)

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