A2B Australia (ASX:A2B) Stock Price Down 1.2%

A2B Australia Ltd (ASX:A2B)’s stock price traded down 1.2% on Tuesday . The company traded as low as A$1.60 ($1.13) and last traded at A$1.60 ($1.13), 5,351 shares changed hands during trading. The stock had previously closed at A$1.62 ($1.15).

The stock’s 50-day moving average is A$1.54 and its two-hundred day moving average is A$1.73. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.65, a quick ratio of 1.86 and a current ratio of 2.04. The stock has a market cap of $192.69 million and a PE ratio of 16.33.

The firm also recently declared a Final dividend, which was paid on Thursday, October 31st. Investors of record on Thursday, October 31st were issued a $0.04 dividend. The ex-dividend date was Thursday, September 26th. This represents a dividend yield of 2.56%. A2B Australia’s dividend payout ratio is 81.63%.

In other news, insider Paul Oneile acquired 35,910 shares of the company’s stock in a transaction on Monday, September 2nd. The stock was purchased at an average cost of A$1.49 ($1.05) per share, with a total value of A$53,326.35 ($37,820.11).

About A2B Australia (ASX:A2B)

A2B Australia Limited provides personal transport solutions to corporate account customers, passengers, drivers, and taxi operators in Australia. It provides bookings, trips, and payment facilities. The company offers Cabcharge Plus, a cloud based travel management solution, as well as provides real-time electronic trip information and ATO compliant receipt access services.

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