Puxin (NEW) Downgraded to “Neutral” at Goldman Sachs Group

Goldman Sachs Group cut shares of Puxin (NYSE:NEW) from a buy rating to a neutral rating in a report released on Tuesday, May 7th, Benzinga reports. The firm currently has $28.43 target price on the stock.

Separately, DA Davidson upgraded Puxin from a neutral rating to a buy rating in a research note on Thursday, May 2nd.

NEW traded down $0.27 during trading hours on Tuesday, reaching $6.19. The company’s stock had a trading volume of 250,900 shares, compared to its average volume of 203,872. Puxin has a fifty-two week low of $5.00 and a fifty-two week high of $35.00. The company has a current ratio of 0.40, a quick ratio of 0.39 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.43.

Puxin (NYSE:NEW) last released its quarterly earnings data on Monday, May 20th. The company reported ($0.30) EPS for the quarter. Puxin had a negative net margin of 31.06% and a negative return on equity of 89.64%. The business had revenue of $91.74 million during the quarter.

A number of large investors have recently added to or reduced their stakes in NEW. TB Alternative Assets Ltd. acquired a new position in Puxin during the fourth quarter worth $17,609,000. Morgan Stanley lifted its stake in Puxin by 3,473.1% during the third quarter. Morgan Stanley now owns 855,246 shares of the company’s stock worth $7,475,000 after purchasing an additional 831,310 shares in the last quarter. Hillhouse Capital Advisors Ltd. acquired a new position in Puxin during the fourth quarter worth $2,896,000. JPMorgan Chase & Co. acquired a new position in Puxin during the first quarter worth $281,000. Finally, Citigroup Inc. acquired a new position in Puxin during the fourth quarter worth $211,000. Institutional investors own 7.80% of the company’s stock.

Puxin Company Profile

Puxin Limited, through its subsidiaries, provides after-school education services in China. It offers a range of K-12 and study-abroad tutoring programs designed to help students prepare for admission tests and applications for top schools, universities, and graduate programs in China and other countries.

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