Google Knows Even More About You Than Facebook

Facebook has been surrounded by controversies regarding its mishandling of user’s personal dat but did you know that Google knows so much more about us – our activities, interest, locations, etc?

It all depends of course on our privacy settings but to a more larger degree on the devices we use as well as products and services we employ everyday.

According to Axios, Google is the without a doubt the top gatherer of user data being anything Facebook has accumulated because of its many services, devices and mostly because it leads in the digital ad business – 37% to Facebook’s 22%.  Google has most likely tracked everything you may have ever typed into your browser search bar including every video or movie you have ever watched.  

Not to mention your every location, every person you’ve talked or texted with, or every purchase you’ve made, online or not through your online purchase power.

Here are some of the information Google collects: Any word or topic you search for; all videos you watch; all the purchases you make; everyone you share any content with or communicate with; any activity you may have on any third party sites or apps that use Google’s services; any ads on Google sites you click on or have interaction with; all Chrome growing history that synced with your Google account; all your location data from GPS or IP addresses or Wi-Fi routers or Bluetooth.

Even if you don’t actively choose any of Google’s services you probably still have some amount of information that ends up on its servers because Google has a huge advantage in its widely used tools as far as ads and providing analytics.

If you took the time to read Google’s privacy policy you would see that it gives an overview of its practices with a separate tool it has so users can see what information it has been collecting.

A study done by Douglas Schmidt of Vanderbilt University revealed that Googlereceives a lot of data even without users choosing to do so.  It also revealed that almost half the data came from user’s interaction with advertisers registered with Google even if they have not chosen to use a 

Google service.

So much data can be recorded by Google if you are using most of its services from GPS location to use of cameras through Pixel and even thermostat controls if you have the Google Home Hub for examples.

If you don’t want all your data to be part of Google’s information tank then you could avoid it by using Microsoft’s Bling or Duck Duck Go.